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* LTA Roehampton

* Goal Line Technology Umbilicals

* Interactive Cricket Game

* Maintenance of IPL Umbilicals

LTA- Roehampton

Client: Hawkeye Innovations

Project: Installation of training cameras

Special Resource - IPATH occupied area

SNS was tasked with the design and installations of the network for real time digital recording and instant play back to five interior grade 1 tennis courts for training purposes.

Although the cabling requirement for the project was straight forward with fibre backbones to central court areas and Cat 6 distribution, having a new state of the art £32m building without a future proofing wire-way and specialist sprung timber floor with climate control, proved challenging from an engineering angle. Impact absorbing panelling was removed to allow 100mm x 100mm trunking to be installed to house all cable requirements. Specialist MEWP's with extra wide soft wheels were used to spread the working load and minimise possible damage to floor.

Teams worked throughout the night for H&S reasons to successfully complete the project.

Due to the success SNS have been tasked iwth the installation of ball tracking cameras to court 5 to simulate full tournament conditions.